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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the organisation of German universities and their student bodies devoted to internationalising the academic and scientific research system. DAAD scholarship programmes enable students, researchers and teaching staff to take advantage of the best study and research opportunities available.  

The DAAD promotes transnational cooperation and university partnerships, and is the German national agency for EU higher education cooperation. Consequently, the DAAD supports Germany’s foreign cultural and educational policy goals, national scientific policies and development cooperation efforts and fosters the internationalisation of German higher education institutions.  

The DAAD operates a network of 69 regional offices and information centres/points worldwide. Since it was established in 1925, the DAAD has supported over 2.6 million scholars in Germany and throughout the world. 

Facts and figures

The DAAD maintains the DAAD Head Office in Bonn and runs a Berlin Office

Funding for more than 85,000 German and 60,000 international scholars around the world (2019) 
Total number of beneficiaries of support since 1950: 1,060,000 international students and researchers; 1,545,000 scholars from Germany

Global network of 5 German Centres for Research and Innovation, 5 Centres of Excellence in Research and Teaching, 17 regional offices, 20 Centres for German and European Studies, 52 information centres and information points, 161 alumni associations and 426 lectureships

Annual budget: 594 million euros (2019)


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Source: DAAD

The DAAD budget (2019: 594 million euros) derives largely from federal funds provided by various ministries. The following ministries contribute to its administrative, project and programme budget:

  • Federal Foreign Office (AA) (33%) 
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (26%) 
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) (9%) 

The rest of the budget comes from the European Union (EU) (26%) and other sources. 

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