Information for your partner

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Family members joining you in Germany are allowed to work here.

Working in Germany requires a residence permit. Your spouse or partner will easily obtain this permit if you are living and working in Germany

  • as a researcher or scientist,
  • on an EU Blue Card or
  • as a highly qualified professional.

In this case your spouse or partner will also be allowed to work.

If you are an EU or EEA citizen or are from Switzerland, your spouse or partner will not require any special permission – they will enjoy the same rights as you do. Family members from non-EU countries will be issued with a residence card as proof of their right to move freely within the EU.

Quite a number of German companies and universities are geared to employing couples where both partners are well qualified and are looking for a good job: their dual career services provide family-oriented support. They take advantage of regional networks so as to provide job prospects for both partners. What is more, they offer practical support to help you settle into your new life in Germany.

Many of the dual career services at German universities are part of the Dual Career Network Germany.

Good to know:

  • Your partner is allowed to work. All this requires is a residence permit.
  • Ask your future employer whether they have a dual career service, which will provide highly-qualified couples with the support they need.
  • The Federal Employment Agency is the first place your partner should go if he or she is seeking work in Germany:
  • You can also begin your search for a job online:

More information

Contact details of the career centres at universities: > Higher Education Institutions