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The Internet offers a large number of job portals that are specialised in academic and research-related job openings. Unfortunately, you cannot find a complete overview of all current vacancies in one single website. That is why it is worth taking a look at various job databases. Here you will find a selection of job portals that can help you with your search.

EURAXESS Germany: Jobs & funding

EURAXESS lists thousands of vacancies and fellowships in Germany as well as in Europe and other regions in the world.

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Job listings for qualified professionals

What are your career prospects and how to go about living in Germany? “Make it in German" allows you to search current job listings in Germany by keyword, region or industry. Find out about the most sought-after professions and how to organise your move to Germany. Job listings are in English, German, Spanish and French.



Job portals

Looking for a new science or research job? Here you will find a list of job portals that specialise in academic and research-related job offers in Germany.

A researcher using the Nano-Spintronic-Cluster-Tool in the Peter Gruenberg Institut (PGI) for the research of Electronic Properties (PGI-6) in the Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (fz Juelich)

Research fields

Here you will find a list of job portals that specialise in certain research fields, such as engineering, law, logistics, pharmacy, etc.

A researcher is conducting an experiment.