Not travelling alone? No problem. Your nearest and dearest are welcome. And we will do everything we can to make them feel at home: in Germany you will find family-oriented regulations that allow your spouse or partner to join you and work here, essential facilities such as nurseries and schools, as well as financial and legal support for you and your family.


One day together in Germany

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Breakfast with the family is the perfect start to the day. There are a few things that you will definitely find on a typical German breakfast table: coffee or tea, butter, cheese, sausage and jam, and of course bread or rolls. Children often opt for muesli or cereal.

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Now it's time for the kids to go to nursery and their parents to go to work. Many Germans like to go by bike, especially in cities. That's not only good for the environment – it is often quicker into the bargain.

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At nursery school, the little ones can satisfy their thirst for knowledge through play. Besides getting stuck into arts and crafts and playing games, they develop their linguistic, creative and problem-solving skills – while having a great deal of fun in the process.

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The same is true of schools. Lessons in Germany are interactive and varied, with considerable importance attached to discussions and student initiative.

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Parents who cook a hot lunch for their kids can make a quick stop at the supermarket on their way home. Groceries can be bought on almost every street corner in Germany – in organic shops, at weekly farmers' markets or at discount supermarkets. If you want high-quality products, look out for an ecolabel.

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Families often cook together, which is more fun than cooking alone. In the past, people in Germany tended to eat a hot meal at lunchtime, but these days many families have switched to cooking in the evening rather than eating the traditional “Abendbrot”, a light supper of bread, cheese and cold meats.

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At weekends, many people like to get some fresh air after lunch. Parks or other green spaces can often be found nearby.

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Sport is one of the most popular leisure-time activities among Germans. Be it a gym visit, a game of football or a swim in the pool – exercise is an integral part of everyday life in Germany.

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Before it is officially time for bed, children have to brush their teeth and perhaps have a bath. And then they can generally look forward to the highlight of the day...

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… a bedtime story from mummy or daddy.