Living in Germany

Did you know that there are around 1,500 breweries with over 7,500 types of beer in Germany? Or that almost one third of Germany is covered with forests? You want to know more? Germany is situated in the heart of Europe, and it’s one of the leading countries in climate and energy policy. It also ranks as one of the safest countries with an affordable health care system for all and guaranteed social security. Moreover, its system of government guarantees respect for human rights, making the country a solid democracy. In short: there are many reasons – big and small – for choosing Germany as your place of residence.

Finding a place to live

One of the most important steps when relocating to Germany is finding a comfortable place to live and feel safe. Find out what you need to do to settle here.

Two young women carrying the sofa into their new flat.


The German language can be challenging to learn for many non-native speakers. But is it really important to speak perfect German? Find out more about the use of language in the field of research.

Young black women and young woman from the Middle East sitting at a table and have fun chatting about something during German classes for immigrants.


Keeping you mobile: Germany has a very good transport infrastructure and a wide range of alternative transport options to get from one place to another.

Young couple waiting with their bicycles in front of a yellow tram.