Research Grants – Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees/Cotutelle

In brief

The aim of this programme is to promote doctoral degrees at the home university with integrated research phases in Germany. International PhD students start their doctoral degree in their home country but subsequently spend research periods in Germany. The doctorate is completed in the home country with the participation of the German academic adviser. Within this programme, doctoral degrees on the basis of the so-called cotutelle procedure are also supported.

Who can apply?

PhD students with

  • an excellent university degree equivalent to a German Master’s degree
  • a convincing and well-planned research project or course of continuing education

For the cotutelle procedure, applicants must have been accepted onto a doctoral programme by the beginning of the grant at the latest.

Further requirements

The doctorate must have been begun within the last 3 years.

Type and extent of funding

Grant of 1,200 euros per month plus additional allowances during stay(s) in Germany, such as health, accident and personal liability insurance contributions, as well as a research allowance.


Up to 2 years. Cotutelle Doctoral Programme: up to 18 months with possible extension for up to 6 months.
The grant is suspended during stays at the home university.


Applications must be submitted online through the DAAD portal. You can access the application portal through the scholarship database. Some documents need to be sent separately by post. Application details vary from country to country. For country-specific information on addresses and deadlines please check the programme website.

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