Why Germany?

Germany is one of the world’s leaders in research and innovation, and the fourth strongest economy in the world. The talent and power of more than half a million researchers enable record patent registrations of over 180 new world patents per day.  

Good reasons in a nutshell

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Good reasons to do research in Germany

5 reasons to do research in Germany

Germany offers an excellent research infrastructure with advanced databases, libraries, laboratories, large-scale research instruments, and research vessels. International researchers can benefit from these resources to advance their research work.

Germany is known for its freedom and diversity, which offers researchers free and creative development opportunities. International researchers can enjoy the freedom of travel and choice of residence in Europe, allowing them a high level of mobility.

Germany invests more in the development of new technologies and innovations than any other country in Europe, providing a variety of public and long-term funding programs that ensure secure financial planning for several years. This is due to a stable R&D policy framework.

Germany's research is international and open-minded, with more than half of all publications by German researchers being written jointly with international co-authors. International researchers can participate in highly innovative regional networks and clusters, which encourage networking beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines, nationalities, and sectors. Germany emphasizes collaboration between academia, industry, and government to drive innovation. 

Germany's research and innovations prioritize social and ecological responsibility, which helps to improve societal performance across the globe. International researchers can contribute to this by collaborating on projects that address ecological, economic, and social targets.

Two Minutes in a Research Wonderland!

Germany offers a diverse and welcoming ecosystem for researchers and innovators from across the world. From the maritime North to the Alps in the South: Our short film takes you on a journey to "Research Wonderland" Germany.

Research infrastructure

International researchers can benefit from several large-scale research facilities of global significance based in Germany. These include accelerator systems, telescopes, research vessels and supercomputers. 

One of the five parts of the outer shell of Wendelstein 7-X. The nuclear fusion plant is run by the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP).

Research funding system

Germany invests more in research and the development of new technologies than any other country in Europe. Here is the most important information about the different funding programmes and grants.

Two researchers are looking at a colleague who is writing on a whiteboard.

R&D policy framework

Germany is aware of the importance of stable framework conditions for research and innovation, and supports them generously with annually increasing investments. We help you navigate the various programmes that provide researchers and innovators with secure financial planning for several years. 

Two researchers are standing in front of a power youth model.