Good reasons

Whether you hope to gain international experience, arrange research partnerships or find long-term career prospects in new surroundings, how and where to take the next step up the career ladder are also interesting questions for established researchers. Five reasons why you should come to Germany: 

Two scientists doing experiments in CeraStorE in the Institute for Materials Research, in which ceramic materials for energy engineering and thermal storage technologies are researched.

Five reasons to do research in Germany

Would you like to work in one of the best places for science and research? Then Germany is ideal: German universities are rated among the best on the planet. And when it comes to scientific publications, Germany is also among the Top Five in the world.

Furthermore, German industry and Germany’s public research organisations are among the world leaders in many sectors when it comes to research developments and patent registrations. The country is considered a groundbreaking research nation – especially in the disciplines of the future. These are perfect conditions for your research career.

Germany has a broad, innovative and diverse research landscape with stable framework conditions for research and development. Universities, higher education institutions and non-university research centres offer the very best conditions for international researchers. Here you will work with researchers from all over the world in interesting, often interdisciplinary projects. Or you can make a contribution to industrial research: Germany is home to some of the world’s top research companies.

Are you among the world’s best in education and research? Then you will receive a warm welcome in Germany. Simplified residence and employment regulations apply to highly qualified international academics and researchers – and their family members.

You will also find a wide range of support available from funding organisations. Many doors are also open to you as a specialist or manager – especially in research-intensive industries like the biotech, automotive, electrical or chemical sectors.

Research requires freedom. If you come to Germany, you will live in one of the world’s safest and freest countries. Freedom of research is highly valued and protected by the constitution. You can research and teach here in freedom.

As an international researcher you will also be able to travel easily to other European Union countries to conduct research there.

You will feel at home in Germany: the high quality of life and relatively moderate living costs make Germany one of the most attractive host countries in the world.

An excellent healthcare system, a diverse and reliable infrastructure, a clean environment, beautiful landscapes and attractive cities are just a few of the advantages that make life in Germany pleasant.

And Germany is cosmopolitan and international: more than a quarter of its inhabitants are immigrants or stem from immigrant families.