Virtual Care Assistant

Virtual Care Assistant

Data-Driven Chatbot to Optimize Outpatient Care Organization

InnoHealth USA Tandem Boiting+Statti

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Maurice BOITING (Research)
Armando STATTI (SME)

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About the project

Technology Virtual Care Assistant, InnoHealth USA

The Virtual Care Assistant 'Hannah' is a self-thinking virtual assistant (chat bot) that accompanies patients and nursing relatives in organizing and managing outpatient care. The assistant can answer individual questions or proactively initiate a virtual care consultation, as it learns step by step with and about the user's situation by simulating a human conversation. It is trained to extract "digital biomarkers" from contextual information provided by the user to anticipate and predict future developments or critical situations. This can support a proactive care process and provide the user with concrete next steps to initiate the care organization.


Clicking on the default picture will start the video. Please note that after activation user-related data will be transferred to the respective provider.

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