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Healthcare Sector

Digital Healthcare - InnoHealth USA

Innovations in Cross Atlantic Applied Data Solutions for Health

The COVID 19 pandemic has dramatically increased the global demand for technologies and applications in remote supply. The aging world population and its consequences are contributing to this development. All this has led to an opening of markets and more innovations in digital medical technology - especially in Germany and the US. This transition from analog to digital healthcare will change this sector in both countries forever.

InnoHealth USA is therefore interested in strengthening the scientific dialogue and economic network between Germany and the USA by searching for innovators and innovations whose projects can serve as clinical decision support or are intended for clinical application in the following main areas: Digital Diagnostics and Smart Sensors. Ideas in the field of "Aging with Technology" are also very welcome.

Digital Diagnostics in Biomedicine

Treating more and more elderly and chronically ill people, carrying out expensive medical therapies or providing medical care to structurally weak rural areas by remote diagnosis – these seemingly far-of visions are made possible by digital diagnostics already today. Tools of digital diagnostics enable simple and efficient data collection in biomedicine and digital healthcare to improve patient care and customize health services. This is why we are interested in innovative applications such as image recognition, biomarkers, pathology and...

A collage as a symbolic picture for Digital Diagnostics, one of the main topics of the Call of Ideas & Innovation of InnoHealth USA.

Smart Sensors: Improve Patient-centered Care

Smart sensors enable technological innovations to improve patient-centered care in healthcare systems. They collect and process a wide range of clinical data and make them available in real time for health and nursing care. Modern telemedicine applications and personalized medicine improve the clinical routine and allow for adequate patients‘ care at home. We are therefore looking forward to your ideas in application areas such as bioelectrodes, wearables, e-textiles and more...

A collage as a symbolic picture for Smart Sensors, one of the main topics of the Call for Ideas & Innovation of InnoHealt USA.

Webinar: Accessing the US healthcare market

The Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry offered a webinar that is primarily aimed to export-oriented companies in the medical technology and digital health sectors, but also to those who are active in the medical biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. You will learn about Market Update, Pandemic Effects & Outlook.

You may watch the recorded webinar here.

Aging with Technology - Expert Panel Discussion

German and US experts discussed about aging and its implications, with an emphasis on technology-based solutions. Have a look at this video of the transatlantic expert talk on "Aging with technology”. The online event took place on Oct. 15, 2020, 18:00-19:30 PM CET:

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Sequences of the Expert Panel

If you don’t have time to watch the whole panel discussion, here you find the expert's sequences:

  • Dr. Eric Verdin: Physical Aspects of Aging; Buck Institute for Research on Aging 06:51 – 12:10
  • Mr. Ulrich Lilie: Technology in nursing care; Diakonie Germany 12:12 – 18:50
  • Dr. Andreas Hamper: Digital assistance in medical care and nursing care in rural areas; Fraunhofer IIS 18:54 – 26:11
  • Dr. Mandy Salomon: Examples of digital assistance systems for dementia patients; MENTIA 26:27 – 32:31
  • Prof. Thomas Schildhauer: Social aspects of digital health and elderly care; Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society GmbH 32:35 – 39:48