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German R&D Tour

Symbol of the German R&D Tour of InnoHealth USA.

The institutes and companies that participated in the German R&D Tour provided all the latest information on Digital Diagnostics and Smart Sensors via podcasts, videos, papers, broschures etc. Take a look at the tour program for an overview of the speakers and participants:
Agenda of the German R&D Tour 2021

The German R&D Tour in a nutshell

From November 9 – 11, 2021, the German R&D Tour enabled a group of US scientists and SME representatives from the digital health research sector to attend a 3-day journey to relevant German institutions, universities, clusters and companies in the same research field. In doing so, the tour also provided opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

Impressions of the Sessions

Slide in InnoHealth Color "USA", saying "DAY 1"
Picture of Carolina Wienand-Sangaré/InnoHealth, marked equally
Slide with a screenshot of the video "Inno-Campaigns", saying: "The INNO CAMPAIGNS 2019-2023"
Screenshot of a slide of the presentation of Henrik Matthies/hih - marked as such
Picture of Marc FILERMANN/German Accelerator, marked equally
Picture of Chris KARABINOS/Telliant Systems, marked equally
Picture of Markus D. HERRMANN/MGH Medicine, marked equally
Picture of Michael THEISEN-JONES/metro Atlanta Chamber, marked equally
Picture of Christoph LEUZE/Stanford University, marked equally
Slide in InnoHealth Color "USA", saying "DAY 2"
Picture of Dirk KUHLMEIER/Fraunhofer IZI, marked equally
Picture of Alfredo ILLIANES/INKA Innovation Laboratory, marked equally
Picture of Anja BURMANN/Fraunhofer ISST, marked equally
Picture of Ellen KRAFT/GDED Munich, marked equally
Picture of David M. SMITH/Fraunhofer IZI, marked equally
DAY 2, Group Picture
Slide in InnoHealth Color "USA", saying "DAY 3"
Picture of Matthias GÜNTHER/Fraunhofer MEVIS, marked equally
Picture of Rutuja SALVI/IDTM GmbH, marked equally
Picture of Jürgen DRESCHER/DLR Envihab, marked equally
Picture of Stefan JAROCH/Bayer AG, marked equally
DAY 3, Group Picture

Impressions of the Virtual Fair and Exhibition