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German R&D Tour

Symbol of the German R&D Tour of the InnoHealth China campaign.

The virtual German R&D Tour offered Chinese researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators from the healthcare sector the possibility to get exclusive insights in German healthcare institutions and clusters - it was the unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

Impressions of the German R&D Tour - All Speakers

1st picture program_WDR symphonic orchestra
© Fraunhofer

WDR symphonic orchestra playing Beethoven's "Eroica" as a German cultural welcome to the Tour.

2nd picture program_Moderation Rebekka Freitag-Li
© Fraunhofer

Rebekka FREITAG-LI moderating the German R&D Tour 2020 online.

3rd picture program_Official welcome to the German R&D Tour
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Ulrike KÖHL, Director Fraunhofer IZI, giving her welcome on behalf of Fraunhofer.

4th picture program_HIH presentation
© Fraunhofer

Keynote by Dr. Henrik MATTHIES, hih – health innovation hub of the Federal Ministry of Health.

5th picture program_Sino-German Experts Panel, BUZUG
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Thorsten BUZUG, Director of Fraunhofer IMTE, on “The future of personalized & patient centered health care with regard to eHealth and Bioeconomy”.

6th picture program_Sino-German Experts Panel, BALZER
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Felix BALZER, E-Health and Shared Decision Allocation, Einstein-Center/Charité answering questions from the audience. 

7th picture program_Sino-German Experts Panel, HAN
© Fraunhofer

Dr. Lanqing HAN, Director AI at Innovation Center, Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute, at the Sino-German Experts Panel.

8th picture program_Sino-German Experts Panel, FAN
© Fraunhofer

Dr. Jiping FAN, Director of WeDoctor Digital Medical Consortium, presenting at the Sino-German Experts Panel.

9th picture program_ Sino-German Experts Panel, CHEN
© Fraunhofer

Dr. Lifeng CHEN, Head of Digital Health, Siemens Healthineers, talking to the audience at the Sino-German Experts Panel.

10th picture program_Fraunhofer IZI presentation
© Fraunhofer

Dr. Dirk KUHLMEIER, Fraunhofer IZI, talks about new technologies in his presentation "Fighting COVID 19".

11th picture program_BioRegio STERN presentation
© Fraunhofer

Anja REUTTER presenting BioRegio STERN in her contribution to "Meet the German Health Tech Cluster".

12th picture program_Leibniz presentation
© Fraunhofer

Han SUN and Dr. Marc NAZARÉ from Leibniz Institute FMP talking about "Innovations in Molecular Pharmacology".

13th picture program_Fraunhofer ITEM presentation
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Dr. Armin BRAUN, Fraunhofer ITEM, presenting "The iCAIR® project:
International cooperation to develop new agents against infectious diseases".

14th picture program_RITS presentation
© Fraunhofer

Mr. James WEN, Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen RITS, showing "Innovation Bridges to China".

15th picture program_Fraunhofer IMTE presentation
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Thorsten M. BUZUG and Prof. Philipp ROSTALSKI, Fraunhofer IMTE, presenting his team and "The Future of Personalized Healthcare". 

16th picture program_KI-SIGS presentation
© Fraunhofer

Sarah NIEMANN, Cluster Life Science Nord, and Dr.-Ing. Tim SUTHAU, UniTransferKlinik Lübeck GmbH, introducing KI-SIGS.

17th picture program_BAYER presentation
© Fraunhofer

Prof. Stefan JAROCH, Bayer AG, Research & Development, talking about "Innovations at Bayer through Public Private Partnerships".

18th picture program_GTAI presentation
© Fraunhofer

Gabriel FLEMMING and Dennis WILKENS from GTAI are experts in the field of "Medical Technology Business Location Germany". 

19th picture program_Convergence Partners presentation
© Fraunhofer

Daniel KOPPELKAMM, Convergence Partners AG, about "Successful Sino-German Cross-border investment and Development".

20th picture program_virtual excursion to German Christmas Markets
© Fraunhofer

At the end of day 3 we are visiting Germany's most famous Christmas Markets on the screen - don't miss them on your next visit.

21st picture program_CIPA presentation
© Fraunhofer

André MEYER introducing the China International Investment Promotion Agency, CIIPA, and its Innovation Bridges between Germany and China.

22nd picture program_Medical Valley Erlangen presentation
© Fraunhofer

For "Meet the German Health Tech Clusters" Dr. Martin REIMER is talking about the Medical Valley Erlangen.

23rd picture program_Fraunhofer Representative Office in Beijing
© Fraunhofer

Dr. Xiaolong MA, head of Fraunhofer Representative Office in Beijing, giving details about "Your Access to Fraunhofer in China"

24th picture program_JITRI presentation
© Fraunhofer

At the end Dr. Paul BURROWS presents the team of JITRI Overseas Cooperation Department in his talk on "Innovation Bridges to China".

Impressions of the accompanying Trade Fair of the German R&D Tour

1st picture exhibition halls_Cover Picture "German R&D Tour virtual"
© Fraunhofer

Have a look into our virtual exhibition halls!

2nd picture exhibition halls_Entrance Hall
© Fraunhofer

The virtual entrance hall of the "German R&D Tour" 2020.

3rd picture exhibition halls_Booth "About Germany"
© Fraunhofer

Virtual perspective of the booth "About Germany" – visit it now until 7th january 2021!

4th picture exhibition halls_Information Desk
© Fraunhofer

...and the Information Desk infront of Hall 1

5th picture exhibition halls_Booth BioRegio STERN
© Fraunhofer

Now take a glimpse into hall 1 – this is the Booth of BioRegio STERN...

6th picture exhibition halls_Booth GTAI
© Fraunhofer

...or visit GTAI, Germany Trade and Invest – and more virtual booths until 7th january!

7th picture exhibition halls_Hall 1
© Fraunhofer

Bird's eye view on all 11 virtual booths of exhibition hall 1.

8th picture exhibition halls_Booth RITS
© Fraunhofer

Here we see the virtual booth of RITS as a chinese example of the exhibtion in hall 2...

9th picture exhibtion hall_booth JITRI
© Fraunhofer

... or visit the JITRI booth in hall 2 with its vivid video presentation.

10th picture exhibition halls_Hall 2
© Fraunhofer

Also the 12 virtual booths in exhibition hall 2 are still open until 7th january 2021!

11th picture exhibition halls_social media posts AHK Peking
© Fraunhofer

The whole "German R&D Tour" 2020 was accompanied in all our social media channels  – also with english-chinese posts directly by the AHK Greater China in Beijing!

Agenda of the German R&D Tour

You will find below the agenda of all days of the German R&D Tour for download -  in a Chinese and an English edition. All indicated time slots refer to CET.

The German R&D Tour at a glance

DATE: December 2 – 7, 2020

TIME: 16:00 - 20:00 (Beijing Time)
           09:00 - 13:00 (CET)

INVITATION: German R&D Tour (Chinese version) (中文)
                      German R&D Tour (English version)

LINK TO REGISTRATION (登记): Register here

The main focus of the German R&D Tour was the establishment of a vivid network between the German and Chinese healthcare research sectors and to strengthen the cooperation for possible research or business projects in both markets. Thus, partners like Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) supported us in planning the tour.



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