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On Site Screening by Digitally Integrated Patient Sample Multiplexing

Picture of InnoHealth USA Tandem:  Dr. Florian GROEBER-BECKER (research) + Dr. Miguel Angel RONCALES (sme)

About the project

MAXSAM device with details of micro camera and skin modells

This compact robotic platform allows to merge 96 patient samples for multiplex testing in a micro-well plate. The research partners obtain the test results using LAMP-based nucleic amplification, colorimetric labeling, and full digital readout of the well plate via an embedded camera-chip array. This offers an ultra-compact footprint, low power requirements and makes the platform ideal for decentralized mass screening, e.g. in a pandemic situation, using a fully digitized workflow. Data can be anonymized, shared with the patient (Corona app) or used for mandatory follow-up testing to break the chain of infection; a protected identification allows authorities to contact the patient directly.

(LAMP - Loop-mediated isothermal amplification based)


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