Insulin Dose Calculation

Insulin Dose Calculation

AI learns individual insulin demand of a type 1 diabetic in 1 week

InnoHealth USA Tandem Richter+Wuttke


Dr. René RICHTER (Research)
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas WUTTKE (SME)

About the project

Technology Insuline Dose Calculation, InnoHealth USA

Insulin dosing is complicated and a major concern for people with diabetes. Incorrect dosing can lead to organ failure and death. There is no simple way to calculate the optimal dose. The 'Insulin Dose Calculation' / 'diafyt' project identifies the user's individual insulin needs to enable a longer life as a diabetic, save money on medication, reduce doctor visits and generally facilitate everyday life. The 'diafyt' app is a certified medical device according to the CE Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC; it features language support for English, Spanish, German, Italian and French, and was released on Google Playstore in Europe in 2020. Further clinical trials are taking place in cooperation with the Charité University Hospital Berlin.


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