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Idea2Project Workshop

Symbol of the Idea2Project Workshop of InnoHealth USA.

Idea2Project Workshop

The Idea2Project Workshop offered the German research SME tandems exclusive opportunities to learn about public funding programs designed to help them develop their innovative projects.

During the Idea2Project Workshop the tandems met with representatives and stakeholders from of various institutions, organizations, German Federal Ministries and/or the EU.

DATE: September, 15, 2021

The Idea2Project Workshop was held virtually due to the current pandemic situation.

Presentations of the Idea2Project Workshop

Experts from the Federal Funding Advisory ServiceNationale Kontaktstelle Innovation in KMUNationale Kontaktstelle Gesundheit and the Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Initiative provided the following information to the Research-SME-Tandems of InnoHealth USA, including: 


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