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About the campaign – InnoHealth USA

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About InnoHealth USA

Health Data to X - Innovations in Cross Atlantic Applied Solutions for Health Data

InnoHealth USA is designed to strengthen the scientific research and the cooperation between the US and German health sector, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. The campaign InnoHealth USA is led by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as another constituent component of the Research in Germany initiative, lasting from 2020-2021.

The InnoHealth USA Campaign

The main goals of the InnoHealth USA campaign are:

  • Connecting US stakeholders from research organizations, institutions, universities and industrial research in the field of digital healthcare with those of German high-tech expertise and research excellence to initiate cooperative ideas and scientific health research
  • Providing insights and competences in research, management and culture for participants from both countries
  • Exploring opportunities for potential projects with the potential to progress in the digital healthcare market in both countries
  • Informing about funding possibilities for the further development of the participants' projects
  • Promoting cooperation and exchange as well as the establishment of a sustainable network

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Digital Health Market in Germany and US

German-US Affiliations

Germany and the US are linked by a strong transatlantic partnership. Their digital healthcare markets are among the fastest growing and most innovative in the world. Both countries benefit from the exchange of scientific excellence and the cooperation of industrial know-how in this field.

Handshaking as a symbol for cooperation.

Innovations in Digital Healthcare Market

Health Data - Digital Diagnostics and Smart Sensors

The ongoing pandemic and an aging world population are two main causes for the increasing global demand for remote health care, the essential tools being Digital Diagnostics and Smart Sensors.The ever increasing availability of health data -‚the new gold‘ for research and industry – is opening up markets and promoting more innovations in digital medical technology.

A man dressed with a lab coat points to a digital board.

InnoHealth USA - Overview

Have a look at these two pages, giving you an overview about the main goals and activities of the InnoHealth USA campaign.

What are the Inno-Campaigns?

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