A Computer-aided Auscultation System for Monitoring the Carotid Artery

InnoHealth USA Tandem Spiller+Salvi


Moritz SPILLER (Research)
Rutuja SALVI (SME)

About the project

Technology Bodytune, InnoHealth USA

BODYTUNE empowers people worldwide to monitor their carotid artery's state and improve their overall health using an inexpensive audio sensor and their own smartphone. AI-based self-learning algorithms generate a patient-specific carotid profile and analyze the data to support the users in improving their physical activity and diets and, consequently, their overall health. The system allows early diagnosis of arterial diseases, avoiding emergencies and saving resources. BODYTUNE can be the basis for an ecosystem of users, insurance companies, doctors, healthcare authorities, developers, and research institutes to democratize healthcare and provide healthcare instead of sick care worldwide.


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