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Patho AI & Image Fusion

Histological Tissue-Analysis using Image Fusion and AI Technology

Picture of InnoHealth USA Tandem: Johannes LOTZ (research) + Felix FABER (sme)

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Microscopic views illustrating the technology Patho AI & Image Fusion

In this project, artificial intelligence (AI) is applied along with fusion of multiple images to correlate tissue structures and automate clinical diagnoses in histopathology. Image fusion allows faster and more precise training of AI models and can also be used to combine multiple stains. The tissue analysis software discriminates between tumor and non-tumor cells and finds regions of inflammatory cell infiltration and abnormal structures indicating cancer or other diseases. Pathologists stay in full control and can accept, correct, or reject the suggestions given by the AI.
By building CE-IVD and FDA-approved image analysis software, the solution is made available directly in the laboratory's routine clinical workflow.


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