Dr. André Zimmermann | Market Prospects - InnoHealth USA

Portrait of André Zimmermann, member of jury of InnoHealth USA.

Dr. André Zimmermann

Expert for Market Prospects

SHS Capital

Market Prospects - Dr. André Zimmermann calls for your application

André Zimmermann is responsible for the international network activities of the medical technology and life science investor SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. He is the main contact person and point of contact especially for multipliers, investors, clinics and large US medical technology companies. He is responsible for the selection and development of portfolio companies in the life science sector as well as for cooperations with health insurance companies and associations.

As a Partner he supports portfolio companies in realizing their full potential by advising them on growth challenges and regulatory issues.

Dr. André Zimmermann is looking forward to your application

Dr. André Zimmermann gives you an insight into his field of activities - the market prospects - and why he's looking forward to your application within the InnoHealth USA campaign...

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