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Micro Gesture Tracking in Immersive Exergames for Seniors

Picture of InnoHealth USA Tandem: Prof. Frank Steinicke (research) + Peter Konrad (sme)

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Senior patient in wheelchair with Miimex technology in his hand and on his head.


The project aims to fuse position, motion, and orientation data from optical tracking systems as well as inertia-based sensors to develop a wearable device that can be used efficiently by people with physical disabilities. This device will be able to track microgestures to provide experiences for older adults with physical limitations. With the help of this device, bedridden seniors can use virtual reality (VR) to exercise their skills despite being physically impaired. By performing microgestures, they can play serious games even with very limited mobility; this is how the device will be used in the VR exergames project EXGAVINE.


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