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Matchmaking Tour

Symbol of the Matchmaking Tour of InnoHealth USA.

The Matchmaking Tour USA offered...

...the winning Research-SME-Tandems of the Call for Ideas & Innovation the chance to take part in an exclusive journey through the US landscape of digital healthcare. The one-week tour was organized by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and partners, to offer insights into hight-performing research institutions, organizations and companies of the digital healthcare sector. In this way, the German participants could network and exchange ideas and innovations face-to-face with leading US researchers, post-doctorates, entrepreneurs, scientists and university representatives of the digital healthcare sector. The virtual Matchmaking Tour to the US focused on digital health in the Silicon Valley/Greater Bay area and the Boston/Cambridge area.

DATE: June 7-11, 2021 (prior to the BIO International Convention in Boston)
Agenda of the Matchmaking Tour USA 2021

For more about InnoHealth USA, Fraunhofer USA and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, please check out the German American Trade Magazine 2021, Q2.

Impressions of the Matchmaking Tour USA

In the course of five days, the nine German Research-SME-Tandems had the opportunity to "travel" from the West Coast to the East Coast and learn about major national and regional institutions, companies and research projects in the field of digital health in the USA.

Below you will find some impressions of the virtual Matchmaking Tour:

Impressions of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7 - 11, 2021. The participants and organizers share their expectations regarding the tour program.
Symposium of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7th, 2021. Prof. Dr. René Haak speaking.
Symposium of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7th, 2021. John Fay speaking.
Symposium of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7th, 2021. Prof. Thomas Schülke speaking.
Symposium of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7th, 2021. Sven Thorsten Potthoff speaking.
Symposium of the virtual Matchmaking Tour USA, June 7th, 2021. Panel with Haven Nichols, Dr. Sven Meister and Steven Behrens
Researcher Roland Koch guided the Research-SME-Tandems of InnoHealth USA virtually through the excellent Lawrance Berkeley National Laboratory.
The participants of the virtual Matchmaking Tour were given insights into   Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Inside the storage ring at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
The Advanced Light Source is perched on a hill overlooking San Francisco.
Exchange during one of the Q&A sessions of the virtual Matmaking Tour USA.
Speakers of the virtual roundtable of the Matchmaking Tour USA, Anne Quaadras, MIT Sloan Health Systems Initiative, Laurance Stuntz, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech and Ben Bradford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Onother virtual place to meet and interact on the Matchmaking Tour USA: The "Research in Germany" ship.
After the official tour events, InnoHealth USA Research-SME-Tandems exchange ideas aboard the virtual "Research in Germany" ship.
Stefan Beerhalter, German Accelerator Life Science, presenting the programs of the accelerator all designed to help German startups and companies succeed in the global marketplace.
Marc Filerman, German Accelerator Life Science, advances the individually tailored programs to provide support for young German biotech, medical device, and digital health companies as they prepare to access the US market.
Adam Milne, BioLabs, presenting this national network of coworking facilities designed to help science-based startups.
Veena Krishnappa, BioLabs at Ipsen Innovation Center in Cambridge, introducing the collaborative space for early-stage life sciences entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.
Kevin O'Connor and James Lewis, both 11 | TEN Innovation Partners, Elisabeth Colyer, ShareCare and Michael Theisen-Jones and Ben Harris, both Metro Atlanta Chamber.
The speakers Brian Dorelus, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Sherry Farrugia, Global Center for Medical Innovation, Maria Thacker-Goethe, Center for Global Health Innovation Giorgia Bio, respond questions from Prof. Frank Steinicke, research partner within the InnoHealth tandem Miimex.
The experts Ilka McConnell, Athens Clarke County, and EJane Caraway, Georgia Department of Economic Development, talking to Dr. Johannes Lotz, researcher of the InnoHealth Tandems 'Patho AI & Image Fusion and Rutuja Salvi, entrepreneur of the InnoHealth Tandem 'BODYTUNE'.
The organizers and participants discussing the program of the virtual Matchmaking Tour, the different stations and the experiences they gained in their customized 1-2-1 meetings.

Joint US-German Innovation in Digital Health

We invited you to join us for the opening of the Matchmaking Tour. The virtual presenting event featured a speech from the German Embassy Washington and Fraunhofer USA, a professional panel and pitches from the visiting Research-SME-Tandems of InnoHealth USA. As a final part of the program, you had the opportunity to network with the tandems in the virtual hallways. This was an extraordinary opportunity to connect with representatives from the U.S. and Germany, and to learn about technologies and solutions in the fields of AI-enabled healthcare, medical devices, and digitization that are changing the future of healthcare. We enjoyed your participation!

Date: Monday June 7th , 17:00 CEST | 11:00 am EST | 08:00 am PDT

More information about the event: DOWNLOAD the INVITATION

Agenda of the Symposium


The Matchmaking Tour in the US will be supplemented by a following digital Post-Matching. Thus, we are supporting the winning Research-SME-Tandems to meet potential US-partners - and vice versa - after the Matchmaking Tour. As a complementary follow up for the local networking events during the Matchmaking Tour, the participants of the Post-Matching get the opportunity to exchange initial ideas and test the compatibility with potential partners.

In addition, the German participants of InnoHealth USA can also identify potential US participants for participation in the German R&D Tour.


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