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Chilean Participants of the InnovationTour

Have a look at the video of the InnovationTour and meet the visitors who were travelling in Germany from 29th May to 2nd June 2017. Following the successful attendence of 10 German tandems at the InnovationPlatform end March 2017 in Santiago de Chile, a group of outstanding Chilean scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators in the local mining sector visited Germany during the InnovationTour. The tour led the group through an interesting 5-day-program starting in Munich and ending in Berlin. During these days, the Chilean visitors met different Fraunhofer Institutes, universities, research institutes as well as SME companies who were also active in the InnovationPlatform in Santiago de Chile.

Impressions from the InnovationTour

Here are all participants of the InnovationTour who are experts in the field of mining including following research and/or business areas: monitoring systems and sensors for various mining processes, new technologies for metal extraction, leaching and blasting, development of new products from tailings, slags and fine particles of valuable minerals – and more.

Aldo Sebastian Silva Ibaceta

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Viña del Mar

Fusion of different metallic concentrates through the use of microwaves and carborundum

Gloria Bravo Barrales

Biotecnologica Aaruco SpA, Santiago

Biotechnological applications:
- for the treatment and recovery of valuable elements from tailings
- in secondary mining and environmental liabilities of mining
- to the revaluation of industrial waste mining.

Juan Francisco Pearcy Salinas

Juan Pearcy y Cia. Ltda, Concepción

Alternative to bio-leaching

Rodrigo Alfonso Bulnes Aguilar

TRIBOTHEK Systems SpA, Santiago

Self-cleaning valve to sample a "live" flow of lubricant in mobile equipment Miners.

Pablo Stephanno Campos Bracamonte

Universidad Católica del Norte, Saulo Spa (Spin-off), Viña del Mar

On-line acid mist analyzer system

María José Astudillo Rodríguez

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso

Implementation and Experimental Validation of an Online Sensor for Measuring Copper Concentration in Aqueous Solutions.

Nicolás Alberto Valenzuela Saavedra

Pontificie Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Valparaíso

Software that allows 2D and 3D simulation that generates more accurate fluid behavior information

Alvaro Gonzalo Díaz Ríos

NDIMIN Innovation & Digital for Mining, Santiago

Building the most productive next digital mining generation in the world by transforming data into productivity connecting people and processes using Big Data, AI and Mining Knowledge

Mario Ignacio Jara Ortiz

ZYGHT, Santiago

A solution which can integrate the production processes for mining companies, evaluating and documenting the risks of each task

Arturo Rochefort Rojas

Mineral Forecast, Universidad de Los Andes y MBA Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago

Quantitative management tool for mining exploration busines

Mariel Soledad Villegas Rodriguez

Escorias CL, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaíso

Recovery of copper foundry slag

Carlos Gustavo Calderón Ampuero

Biotecnos S.A., Viña del Mar

Biolix-As, microbial consortia design for arsenic selective leaching of copper concentrate in Chile

Oscar Eduardo Evrard Arrué

Biotecnos S.A., Viña del Mar

Platinum group metals (PGM) extraction in mining waste of SX-EW process and copper concentrates.

Claudio Andrés Leiva Hurtubia

Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta

Technological development for the on-line measurement of gas surface velocity in flotation cells.

Patricio José Dip Segovia

Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas. Escuela de Ingeniería. Universidad de Chile, Santiago

REvolutionaryMiningEmulsions (REvMinEm)

Zeryán Guerra

Nahuelcura Mining, Santiago

Cyanide Regeneration and Copper Recovery from gold cyanidation leaching solutions of copper-gold ores.

Consuelo Llinette Marquardt Román

BioExplora SpA, Santiago

BioExplora develope a methodology based on plants for the discovering of new minerals deposits in areas covered with sediments and vegetation.

Sebastián Ignacio Arriagada Gallegos

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso

New Technology for the recovery of ultrafine particles in flotation.

Marinka Haydée Silva Martínez

TESRA S.A., Antofagasta

TTMS is a system that use thermal monitoring for detect Short Circuits in Electrowinning plant using thermal cameras installed in crane. This cameras scan the cells and deliver a report for client.

Manuel Rolando Reyes-Jara

Universidad de Talca, Talca

Automatic design of surface mines.

Jorge Alejandro Lara Godoy

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso

Prototype for recovery energy from foundry plants

Juan Patricio Moraga Cortes

Bandera Servicio Spa., Santiago

Explosives Separator for drilling

Jorge Andres Mella Diaz

SAME SA., Ñuñoa. Santiago

An energy based methodology to solve more efficiently pollutant emissions in productive processes

Robinson Alexis Constanzo Rojas

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Valparaíso

Electrochemical cell based on porous electrodes and parallel configuration for aplications in extractive metallurgical processes"

Milton Roman

Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago

Airless Tire; Reliability engineering; Underground Mining