Power to X – Green Hydrogen and Biogas for a Sustainable Future

Green Hydrogen and Biogas are the topics of the Call for Ideas & Innovation of InnoEnergy Brazil.

Climate and socio-economic changes have increased the worldwide need for scientific solutions and technological innovations in the sustainable energy sector. The transformation of energy systems requires innovations for a cost-effective, secure and environmentally compatible energy supply. Green Hydrogen and Biogas are two important sustainable energy carriers that can significantly contribute to securing the growing energy demand and at the same time benefit climate protection. As such, EnergInno Brazil aims to strengthen scientific dialogue and technological exchange on these two important energy sources.

Your sustainable ideas on mobility and electricity are wanted

Green Hydrogen and Biogas can be used in manifold sectors, that is why EnergInno Brazil focuses on projects and processes in two fields of applications: mobility and electricity.

  • In the field of mobility, we look for innovations developed for e.g. road, rail, sea or air transport.
  • In the area of electricity, we are ready to welcome your ideas for e.g. power generation, heat market or refrigeration technologies.
You have already developed an innovative idea? If so, we look forward to your application!