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German-Brazilian Affiliations

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Germany and Brazil - Partners in research and industrial cooperation

Brazil and Germany have been cooperating in science and technology for more than 50 years. Sustainable energy is one main emphasis within this partnership, as it is shown in the Brazilian National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2016-2022 and the High-Tech Strategy 2025 of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well.

Brazil, the seventh largest economy in the world, is abundant in resources which offer enormous potential for environmentally friendly energy production to meet the needs of its growing economy. Germany has excellent research facilities and successful companies in the field of energy, climate and environmental technology, it is one of the world's leading nations in this field. Combining the potentials of both countries will provide scientific and technological solutions to global challenges like climate change and socio-economic aspects.

Joining Know-how and Resources for innovative solutions

As equally important and innovative strategic partners, Germany and Brazil are focusing on high-performance technologies in the field of sustainable energy. The development of energy carriers like Green Hydrogen and Biogas build an important part of the foundation for a sustainable society, a stable climate and the end of dependence on fossil and other raw materials.

Your innovation for further progress

With this in mind, EnergInno Brazil looked for you - researchers and entrepreneurs from an SME or startup enterprise - collaborating in the areas of Green Hydrogen and/or Biogas. Apply with your joint project to our Call for Ideas & Innovation (closed). The winners of the call will meet relevant key players in the field of sustainable energy - in Germany and Brazil.

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