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Innovators in Biogas and Green Hydrogen

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Innovators in Biogas and Green Hydrogen

The Brazilian participants of EnergInno Brazil are experts in the fields of Green Hydrogen and Biogas. Thus, they are potential partners of the German Research-SME-Tandems. Together, they can further develop the innovative ideas in the sustainable energy sector in both countries.

Innovators in Biogas and Green Hydrogen

Portrait of Prof. Gerhard Ett, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

HT-PEM module with Industrial H2 controlled by AI

This project aims to develop a compact on-board module consisting of a low-cost industrial hydrogen purifier for a HT-PEM (high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell. This fuel cell will be installed in a hybrid propulsion system with a lithium-ion battery bank controlled by artificial intelligence. This battery bank is used to start the system and the vehicle until it reaches operating temperature. In this way, challenges such as the cost of production and distribution logistics are mastered, while taking advantage of the great potential of hydrogen production in Brazil.

More: Engenharia Química do Centro Universitário FEI

Contact: Prof. Gerhard Ett

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Prof. Sérgio Peres, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Wastes to sustainable biogas & hydrogen

In this project, waste is used to produce biogas by anaerobic digestion. The dried and sulfur-free biogas can then be used as feedstock for the production of hydrogen by dry reforming (catalytic reforming). The biogas can also be upgraded to biomethane (separating the CO2) and used for hydrogen production by steam reforming. Hydrogen can be used as a fuel or as a feedstock for the production of sustainable liquid fuel such as methane or DME (dimethyl ether - as a substitute for diesel fuel) or for electricity generation in gensets.

More: University of Pernambuco

Contact: Prof. Sergio Peres

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Michelle dos Santos Cordeiro Perna, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Green Hydrogen from fermentations route

In this project, a fermentation route using residual raw materials such as fruit rusks, bagasse and molasses under stress conditions is being developed to produce compounds that can be used in a reforming cell. The project is in the small-scale parameter testing and optimization phase (patent pending). The results of this phase will provide the background for projects with other raw materials in countries such as Germany so that they can be developed in partnerships.

More: CrushDynamics

Contact: Michelle Dos Santos Cordeiro Perna

Interview: #OnTheRoad