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Green Hydrogen

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Green Hydrogen for climate protection and wealth

Green Hydrogen - when produced by electrolyzers which themselves are powered by renewable energy sources - offers both an important ecological and a major economic advantage. The climate-friendly energy carrier can contribute to decarbonization in many public sectors, even where CO2 reduction does not seem possible so far. And the value chain of the hydrogen economy offers enormous potential for science and industry. This is why Green Hydrogen is seen as the key to realizing the energy transition, as also stated in the German National Hydrogen Strategy by the Federal Government.

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Transport powered by Green Hydrogen

The transport sector is responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. To achieve global energy and climate protection goals, we should therefore promote decarbonization in this sector. This is where Green Hydrogen can contribute, as it has the potential to offer alternatives to fossil fuels, especially in the area of propulsion for larger vehicles. The use of Green Hydrogen makes sense above all when longer ranges are required, such as for heavy-duty transport, ships, trains or aircraft.

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Sustainable power for Industry and Private Households

Green Hydrogen is both an energy carrier and a medium for storing electricity. It can replace fossil fuels in many industrial processes, but also play a complementary role in the electricity system and in heat grids. Innovations for the production and use of this sustainable energy carrier are therefore needed for both industrial and private power supply. To advance the use of Green Hydrogen, further development of H2 production and a significant expansion of electrolysers are needed above all.