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German Research-SME-Tandems

The German Research-SME-Tandems which participated in the InnoHealth Australia programme have been selected. Following is a short introduction of the tandems. The teams presented their projects after the InnovationWorkshop in March 2018.

Project 1: Exploration Healthy Food Concepts

Prof. Dr Mark Bücking | Fraunhofer IME-AE
Mr Norbert Reichl | Food-Processing Initiative e.V.

Project 2: MoniCor

Dr Mario Baum | Fraunhofer ENAS
Mr Tilo Borchardt | GETEMED Medizin- und Informationstechnik AG

Project 3: Preventicus Heartbeats

Prof. Dr. Marcus Doerr | Uni Greifswald
Mr Christoph Eisert | Preventicus GmbH

Project 4: Checkpad MED

Mr Nils Hohmuth, MD | Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Dr Ruediger Lohmann | Lohmann & Birkner Software Solutions GmbH

Project 5: FebCare

Dr Dirk Kuhlmeier | Fraunhofer IZI
Dr Holger Becker | microfluidic ChipShop GmbH

Project 6: InhalDrugTest

Dr Tanja Hansen | Fraunhofer ITEM
Dr Katharina Schimek | TissUse GmbH

Project 7: Plasma for Health

Mr Kai Borcherding | Fraunhofer IFAM
Prof. Dr Thomas Schmitt-John | Plasmatreat GmbH

Project 8: Tissue.Implant.Interface

Dr Juliane Spohn | Fraunhofer IKTS
Dr Brigitta Stolze | LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH

Project 9: Plasmore

Dr Jens Langejürgen | Fraunhofer IPA
Mr Marc Mazur | PreviPharma Consulting GmbH

Project 10: ALMOND


Prof. Dr Thomas Kirste | University of Rostock
Mr Peter Gersing | Grey Innovation Germany GmbH

InnoHealth Workshop

In preparation for the InnovationPlatform in Melbourne the 2-day InnovationWorkshop took place in Munich from 1st - 2rd March 2019. The ten German Research-SME-tandems were trained in market and sector specific know-how, intercultural understanding, innovative thinking and intercultural understanding, innovative thinking and presentation skills by experts from the fields of industry, research and marketing. skills by experts from the fields of industry, research and marketing.