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Biogas – Flexible and cost-effective energy supply

The sustainable energy source biogas is derived from renewable raw materials. It is environmentally friendly and can be widely used in all essential energy sectors. Biogas, the ‚all-rounder‘, is independent of the price development of oil, coal and gas, and therefore also economically interesting. Raw biogas is generated in agricultural production and refined into biogas through upgrading processes. Then, it is possible to feed biogas into the natural gas grid to constantly and efficiently provide heat and power.

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Mobility by CO2-neutral Biogas fuel

The consumption of conventional fuels contributes to a large share of global CO2 emissions. Alternative climate-friendly fuels made from renewable raw materials can be used to produce gasoline, diesel or even kerosene, thus contributing to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas, or its derivative biomethane, can be deployed for passenger cars as gaseous, compressed CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or in heavy-duty, rail or marine transport as liquid LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). This could achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

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Sustainable power supply through biogas energy

Biogas provides electricity, heating and cooling for industry and private households. It is often used directly by local agricultural producers to generate electricity in combined heat and power plants as part of a sustainable cycle economy. Biogas plants are thus an important component in the continuous expansion of electricity generation from renewable sources. Regional energy production is another aspect of protecting the environment and strengthening the local economy. In addition, the utilization of biogas can also be interesting for fuel cells due to its high electrical efficiencies.