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Innovators in Green Hydrogen

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Innovators in Green Hydrogen

Here are the winners of the Call for Innovators in Brazil in the field of Green Hydrogen. They are - like all winners of the call - potential partners of the German Research-SME-Tandems. All Brazilian innovators will have the opportunity to participate in the week-long German R&D Tour of the sustainable energy landscape in Germany.

Innovators in Green Hydrogen

Portrait of Dr. Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima, , one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Photonic fabrication

In this research, water electrolysis was performed by focusing a green laser beam on a suitable liquid medium. As part of this study, we observed the accumulation of gases in the electrolysis cell. The scenario presented is several laser ablation cells with an aqueous medium, in which the production of nanoparticles for therapeutic purposes supports the production of green hydrogen. To achieve this, the gas deposition production cell needs to be improved.

More: Instituto de Estudos Avançados

Contact: Dr. Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Dr. Felipe Augusto Moro Loureiro, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Green Hydrogen through sewage sludge gasification

Within this project, a gasifier using reusing ETEd sludge to generate hydrogen plus carbon monoxide, biomethane and ethylene which will feed an engine to generate enough electrical energy to power the ETEd's operational systems.The sludge will be produced in effluent treatment stations, which include a reductionof 85% of the sludge moisture. This sludge will supply a unit in a fixed bed updraft gasifier, this project was made by mine startup (Green Power Sources Technologies) and Sanevix.

Contact: Dr. Felipe Augusto Moro Loureiro

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Prof. Haroldo Cavalcanti Pinto, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Sustainable generation and storage of green hydrogen

This project aims to innovate the use of grid-connected photovoltaics to produce green hydrogen through PEM electrolysis and store it in a compact system for electric and hybrid motors. In doing so, the specific objectives are to:
i. Develop magnetron sputtering to deposit low-charge noble metal catalysts and simplify the fabrication of electrolyzer parts;
ii. Metallurgical processing of Mg alloys for hydrogen storage with fast absorption and desorption kinetics;
iii. Development of a furnace for mobile fuel cells.

More: Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos - Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais
Central Multiusuàrio - Centro de Pesquisa e Análise de Materiais de Engenharia - CEPAME

Contact: Prof. Haroldo Cavalcanti Pinto

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Gabriela N. da Silva, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

H2 & Oxy-combustion - allies

This project proposes the use of wind energy surplus to feed water electrolysis, producing hydrogen for hydrotreating units in oil refineries, replacing the steam methane reform, and providing oxygen for carbon capture via oxy-combustion in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units. For electric systems with high penetration of wind energy, this technological arrangement can reduce up to 22% of GHG emission from oil refineries.

More: Cenergia Lab

Contact: Gabriela N. da Silva

Interview: #OnTheRoad