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Green Gas

Biotechnological production of green gas (H2 and CH4) using archaea

Tandem Partners

Prof. Raimund Brotsack (Research)
Technology Center for Energy (TCE), Leader R&D

Marcelo Andrade (SME)
MicroPyros BioEnerTec GmbH, Business Development

This is one of the winning Research-SME-Tandems of EnergInno Brazil: Green Gas
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Presentation of Green Gas

This presentation has been shown to the audience at the Research2Industry Days in São Paulo.

About the project

The core competence of the Green Gas tandem is R&D, optimization and industrial application of the production of green gas as a backbone for future energy systems. At the Technology Center for Energy (TCE), microbiological process technologies are developed that can be transferred to technical applications in a pilot plant operated by MicroPyros BioEnerTec at a wastewater treatment plant.

The key idea is to use different raw gas sources from anaerobic digestion as well as from thermochemical conversion of biowaste and/or organic residues together with H2 from electrolysers. These electrolysers are powered by electricity from renewable energy technologies such as wind or photovoltaics. The produced green gas - H2 or CH4 (RNG) - can be stored, distributed and used for mobility, heat or power production on demand.

H2 - hydrogen
CH4 - methan
RNG - Reneweble Natural Gas

This picture refers to the Green Gass project which is one of the award-winning EnergInno Brazil Research-SME-Tandems.
These logos of Technology Center for Energy and MicroPyros BioEnerTec GmbH belong to the tandem Green Gas, one of the winners of EnergInno Brazil.