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German Research-SME-Tandems

The winners of the Call for Ideas & Innovation of EnergInno Brazil have been selected! Have a look at them in the following.

All winners, the German Research-SME-Tandems, will be invited to attend the Matchmaking Tour Brazil in Sao Paulo and the Idea2Project Workshop in Germany.

Project Biogas Sensors
Dr. Andrea BURDACK-FREITAG | Fraunhofer Insitute for Building Physics IBP

Project BiotoH2
Prof. Nils TIPPKÖTTER | Fachhochschule Aachen
Dr. Matthias BETSCH | Stadtwerke Bergheim

Project FruitCycle
Prof. Isabel KUPERJANS | Fachhochschule Aachen
Thomas DORY | President Bert Energy GmbH

Project Green Gas
Prof. Raimund BROTSACK | Hochschule Landshut - Technology Center for Energy (TCE)
Marcelo ANDRADE | MicroPyros BioEnerTec GmbH

Project HyperFerment
Natscha Eggers | Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF
Dr. Fabian GIEBNER | MicroPro GmbH

Outline of a woman, labeled "RESEARCH", as pictogram for a Research participant.

Research and Science - Innovation for Sustainable Development

The German research landscape is broad: there are universities, non-university research organisations, research institutes, scientific clusters and more... Researchers and scientists provide pioneering solutions for every field of research. Sustainable energy and its energy cariers Green Hydrogen and Biogas are an important future-oriented field of research.

Outline of a man, labeled "SME", as pictogram for an SME participant.

SME and Startups - Main Players in the Sustainable Energy Market

SMEs are a major part of all German companies, accounting for 99% of the total. They provide 60% of all jobs and 80% of apprenticeships. As the 'engine' of the German economy, they drive innovation significantly in cooperation with research and science in Germany.
Thus, to support SMEs and startups on the global market, we have compiled some public service offers for you on our German-language site.
Have a look at the following video (English subtitles) showing what we are offering for SME and startups:

What else do we offer for SME and startups?

Here is a current event tip for all entrepreneurs: Take part in the Forum 'Research in Germany' 2022 on September 21/22, 2022. Learn how versatile and creative research marketing projects are and use the opportunity to further your skills in our qualification workshops. We invite you to join in - live in Berlin or virtually!

Have a look at this short clip (please select English subtitles) presenting you what "Research in Germany" offers you...

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