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Get to know the participants of EnergInno Brazil: the German Research-SME-Tandems, the Brazilian experts and the Jury Members of the campaign.

EnergInno Brazil's participants: Experts in Green Energy


German Research-SME-Tandems

Have a look at the winners of the Call for Ideas & Innovation of EnergInno Brazil: 10 researchers and entrepreneurs from Germany, the so called Research-SME-Tandems, applied with their innovations in Green Hydrogen and Biogas. They presented their projects at the Research2Industry Days and during the Matchmaking Tour in São Paulo, Brazil. This gave them the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with stakeholders in the green energy sector.

Pictogram representing both parts of the EnergInno Brazil's Research-SME-Tandem.

Brazilian Innovators

The Brazilian participants of EnergInno Brazil are experts in the fields of Green Hydrogen or Biogas. After successfully applying in a national call of the campaign, they are invited by EnergInno Brazil to the German R&D Tour. The one-week journey will give them exclusive insights into the research and innovation landscape of the sustainable energy sector in Germany. The Brazilian innovators will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with potential German partners.

Brazilian flag as picture for Brazilian participants

Our Jury

Within the EnergInno Brazil campaign, an independent jury - consisting of 3  researchers - will review the submitted research and business cases and select the winner tandems. Each research sector is represented by an expert.

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