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From fruit and vegetable residues to gas for mobility and electricity

Tandem Partners

Prof. Isabel Kuperjans (Research)
Fachhochschule Aachen, Sustainable Energy Systems and Bioenergy

Dr. Simone Krafft
Fachhochschule Aachen, Researcher

Thomas Dory (SME)
Bert Energy GmbH, President

This is one of the winning Research-SME-Tandems of EnergInno Brazil: FruitCycle
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Presentation of FruitCycle

This presentation has been shown to the audience at the Research2Industry Days in Sao Paulo.

About the project

FruitCycle aims to establish a decentralized biogas production from fruit and vegetable residues that can no longer be used as food. This concept is to be realized via simple and robust biogas plants that can be build on site. The product from the process - biogas - offers a wide range of flexible uses, not only as a supplier of electricity, heating and cooling, but also as a fuel.

By involving agricultural cooperatives and market participants as suppliers or operators of biogas, these often structurally weaker groups can obtain an additional source of income. In addition, the FruitCycle mitigates the climate since the biomass does not decompose itself and thus doesn't release methane into the atmosphere.

This picture refers to the FruitCycle project which is one of the award-winning EnergInno Brazil Research-SME-Tandems.
These logos of FH Aachen and Bert Energy GmbH belong to the tandem FruitCycle, one of the winners of EnergInno Brazil.