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GHTC® Award - Transportation & Logistics

Paris 2014

Right next to famous Champs-Élysées, five new Champions were honored at the German Embassy on the eve of April 3, 2014 – perfectly directed by the German Chamber of Commerce. After their conference and booth presentation at SITL Europe 2014 – International Week of Transport & Logistics. Have a look!

Winers of Paris 2014

New Dehli 2011

In March 2012 the GHTC® Awardees faced the challlenges of today’s Mega Cities. 150 distinguished guests from Indian industry, research and politics listened to their technological solutions at FIT – the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform. This event was part of “One Month in India” together with AvH, DAAD and DFG.

Winners of New Dehli 2011