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Innovators in Biogas

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Brazilian Innovators in Biogas

These Brazilian experts in Biogas will have the opportunity to participate in the week-long German R&D Tour of the sustainable energy landscape in Germany. This tour will give them the opportunity to network with German stakeholders in the same research fields, to visit universities, institutions and companies and lay the foundation for further project development.

Innovators in Biogas

Portrait of Prof. Thales Alexandre Carvalho Maia, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Negative emission power generation

The carbon roadmap is linked to zero-emission power generation systems such as wind and solar. However, to meet emissions targets, carbon sequestration in electricity generation must be considered. Of all the carbon sequestration technologies, forests are the most promising, as they can be used for power generation with syngas and for carbon storage in charcoal production. This project addresses the use of planted forests as fuels for high availability micro cogeneration.

More: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Contact: Prof. Thales Alexandre Carvalho Maia

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Dr. Mario Coelho, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Ethylene from biogas

This project extends the state-of-the-art by enabling a new pathway for upgrading biogas through its conversion and activation of a renewable feedstock for the production of ethylene on a smaller scale and at different locations using OCM. The green ethylene produced has a higher added value and is easier to condense and thereby transport than methane. Another advantage is that the green ethylene produced is fully compatible with existing infrastructure for transportation and processing.


Contact: Dr. Mario Coelho

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Prof. Renata Giona, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

Materials for biogas purification

This project aims to prepare magnetic inorganic materials to efficiently remove CO2 and H2S from a biogas mixture for methane enrichment. The proposal focuses on the physical and chemical adsorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using mixed metal oxides as adsorbents. The project owners propose developing low-cost materials that possess selectivity and efficiency in removing CO2 and H2S from biogas without interaction with methane, allowing green and low-cost large-scale biogas purification.

More: Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná UTFPR - Brazil

Contact: Prof. Renata Mello Giona

Interview: #OnTheRoad

Portrait of Dr. Fábio Augusto de Souza Ferreira, one of the winners of the Call for Innovators of EnergInno Brazil 2022.

CO2 fixation approaches supporting H2 economy

The project consists in the production of carbonate-based materials. The target products are: vegetable oil-based cyclic carbonates, calcium carbonate particles and isocyanate-free urethanes produced from the obtained cyclic carbonates. All materials are synthesized by CO2 fixation routes, specifically designed for each of them. Raw materials will be the CO2, captured in biomethane production and methane reforming, as well as industrial by-products/residues.


Contact: Dr. Fábio Augusto de Souza Ferreira

Interview: #OnTheRoad