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Latest Thinking offers international researchers a platform to present their research to a wider audience. Click on the videos below for a close-up insight into some of the research projects they carry out in Germany. Each of the researchers tell their own engaging story and share their reflections on Germany, both professionally and privately.

How does additional pension benefit affect workers’ retirement timing?

With longevity increasing and public pensions shrinking, old age poverty is a pressing issue in many economies. Han Ye's research opens important avenues for both researchers and public policy makers interested in optimal ways to address the issue of old age poverty.

Portrait of Han Ye

Why do individuals overconsume unhealthy foods?

Effrosyni Adamopoulou investigates whether there is a link between scarcity of food in early life and later overconsumption.

Portrait of Effrosyni Adamopoulou

How does hydrogen affect the mechanical behavior of metals and alloys?

It has long been understood that hydrogen has a negative effect on metals like iron and steel. María Jazmin Duarte Correa explains how new technologies can help to pin down the impact of hydrogen in this context.

Portrait of María Jazmin Duarte

How can we quantify the immediate and lingering impact of genocide on local populations?

Using a novel approach, Diego Alburez-Gutierrez reconstructed the demographic history of the population affected by the mass killings of the Maya Achi people over the last 60 years. This project, the first in-depth quantitative study of the genocide in Guatemala, has evident historical significance.

Portrait of Diego Alburez-Gutierrez

What happens in a person's brain when a memorable experience occurs?

Helping us to better understand the neurological processes involved in memory formation, Alessio Attardo's research on engram neuron creation has clear applications for the treatment of people who suffer deficiencies in this area.

Portrait of Alessio Attardo

How cloudy is the Earth?

It has been heretofore understood that patterns of cloudiness are controlled by large scale weather systems. Bjorn Stevens challenges this orthodoxy, arguing that small and intermediate scales of motion play a key role in determining the Earth’s cloudiness.

Portrait of Bjorn Stevens