German-Australian relations

Joint research and successful bilateral cooperation

The conditions for the initiative with Australia as partner country are more than ideal:

Australia is an industrialised country, well-developed with widespread research activities. Comparable with the German High-Tech Strategy for Europe, Australia aims to position themselvesas a strategic high-tech location in the Asian region. In 2016, the German-Australian scientific and technological cooperation celebrated its 40th anniversary. In addition, German and Australian funding and research organisations as well as universities have signed several direct agreements over the past years. Furthermore, the Protocol on the Mutual Recognition of School, Vocational School and University Degrees exists since 1998.

In December 2014, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research headed a delegation to Australia to discuss how to flesh out scientific and technological cooperation. One future priority of cooperation will be the promotion of innovation, for example by bringing together German research clusters and their Australian counterparts. Both sides aim to involve young researchers, too.

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