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Researcher in a company

A leadership position in research and development (R&D) at a research-oriented company can offer a wide range of different duties. As a team leader, for example, you

  • could manage an international team of researchers in application- and project-oriented research,
  • will work on innovative solutions for concrete problems, develop standards or find alternatives to existing processes and
  • will coordinate processes between the research department and the management, procurement, production and sales.

You may also have to present your research findings at international conferences.

A researcher in front of a model car with Fraunhofer's logo


Depending on the advertised position, you will be expected to meet various requirements. These, your qualifications and your previous experience will determine how much you earn.

As a manager, your salary will usually not be governed by collective agreements and will therefore be a matter for individual negotiation. This means you will need good bargaining skills and should be aware of your true value. After all, your salary expectations will play a central role in the job interview. Performance-oriented bonuses and additional benefits are often granted on top of a basic salary.

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Where are research vacancies advertised? Here you will find more information:

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We help you navigate through the large number of job portals that specialise in openings for academics and scientists. These are some of the sites that may get you started.

A researcher using the Nano-Spintronic-Cluster-Tool in the Peter Gruenberg Institut (PGI) for the research of Electronic Properties (PGI-6) in the Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (fz Juelich)