R&D companies in Germany

Germany is a powerhouse when it comes to research and development (R&D). Above all, this is because German companies invest a great deal in improving their products: in hardly any other country does business spend as much on R&D.

Find out here what makes German business R&D successful and learn about the opportunities it offers talented researchers. Are you planning to join a research team at a world-class company – either as a postdoc or experienced researcher? Or to start a high-tech company yourself that draws on your own research? The following web pages explain how. Have fun discovering!

What is R&D in German business?

Finding solutions is one of the real strengths of German enterprises. Whether it is a question of developing cancer vaccines or creating AI applications for the control of wind power plants – German companies are committed to resolving the most important issues of the future.

A researcher is standing in a lab, working on brain research.

Why is collaboration important?

German business and scientific research cooperate in many areas. For example, there are numerous joint programmes and research projects involving companies as well as universities and research institutions.

A group of scientists is looking through a large machine.

Which sectors carry out R&D?

Of course, it is still the major carmakers that spend the most money on innovative R&D. However, other bright new stars are also appearing in the research sky.

Two researchers are looking at a sample.

Which are the leading companies?

By international standards, German companies are right at the forefront of innovation: in terms of both spending on R&D and global patent applications, German R&D enterprises are among the leaders.

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How do German businesses compare internationally?

Business R&D plays an important role for the German economy: R&D-intensive industrial companies and service providers contribute more than 11 per cent to value creation in Germany.

Several researchers are working in an experimental building.

How is the start-up scene set up?

Germany’s start-up scene is in a state of flux: a new generation of business founders is emerging who have many things in common – they pursue research and development as a matter of course, use digital technologies and launch businesses that they want to see expand in the future.

Young researchers are standing in a group.

How do I start a career?

Why not seek a job in the business economy as an early career or experienced researcher? After all, German companies spend a lot of money on research and development, pursue international activities, enjoy worldwide success and have labs and R&D departments that could hardly be better equipped.

A researcher is standing in front of large solar panels, wearing a helmet.