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This newsletter marks an innovation in more ways than one. Not only have we fundamentally updated our newsletter design and content, but we have also chosen innovation as the first of our new monthly spotlight topics.

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👩‍🚀👨‍🚀 The last day of our virtual journey into space has begun:

Before we return to Earth, we have the opportunity to look through FLUMIAS, a high-resolution fluorescence microscope for live-cell imaging.

🔬This fascinating microscope provides a view inside cells of the human body and other living things with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Learn more about FLUMIAS, which has been developed by researchers from Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) 👉 [Link in Bio]

#FromSpaceToLife #Biomedicine


🛰️ On day four of our space adventure we get the opportunity to ask some questions:

How can astronauts grow their own fresh crops during space missions?


🌱At the German Aerospace Center, DLR EDEN ISS greenhouse in Antarctica, researchers are trying to find answers 👉 [Link in Bio]


#Space #Horticulture #FromSpacetoLife

👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 We arrive at our destination on day three of our space mission and visit the ISS to learn other exciting facts about how the view from space can help us on Earth. Researchers at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft were testing on board of the #ISS and successfully demonstrated an innovative satellite technology to enable targeted irrigation and sustainable water use in agriculture. Learn out more about their story here 👉 [Link in Bio] #FromSpaceToLife #Satellite #Agriculture

🐳🦅🐂 Did you know there is an International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space (Icarus)?

On day two of our space-themed week, we enjoy the stunning view up here 🌎 Some of us already miss their four-legged friends at home and wonder what they are up to.

🛰️Last month, Icarus began testing an experimental tracking system in space—signaling that the pioneering program for monitoring wildlife from space is set to continue. The new Icarus receiver will fly on a very small satellite called a CubeSat to collect data from animals carrying lightweight sensors. Coordinated by Max Planck Society's institute for animal behavior, the international initiative Icarus uses space-based technologies to discover more about animals' life on Earth. Learn more about the project here 👉 [Link in Bio]

#FromSpaceToLife #AnimalBehavior #Biology #EarthObservation

🚀Attention space enthusiasts! Welcome to our space-themed week from 17 to 21 July 🌌

We're taking off 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 Fasten your seatbelts and take a stunning virtual flight over the Jezero impact crater on Mars 👉 [Link in in bio]

🛰️The film was cre­at­ed by Freie Universität Berlin us­ing a mo­sa­ic of im­ages from sev­er­al in­di­vid­u­al shots. It was based on ob­ser­va­tions made us­ing German Aerospace Center (DLR)’s High Res­o­lu­tion Stereo Cam­era (HRSC) on board European Space Agency - ESA's Mars Ex­press mis­sion. #FromSpaceToLife