About us

What is “Research in Germany”?

Germany holds a prominent position in science, research and development not only in Europe, but across the globe. German companies are pioneers in developing innovative products, and the label “Made in Germany” is recognised worldwide as a sign of quality. In our globalised world, scientific and technological advances are no longer isolated achievements that take place within national borders – they can only be accomplished by cooperating and sharing ideas with leading experts from across the world. This does also apply to basic research. The initiative “Research in Germany” presents Germany as a country of research and science in globally relevant research markets. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched “Research in Germany” in 2006. The initiative is jointly implemented by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the DLR Project Management Agency.

What are the goals of “Research in Germany”?

“Research in Germany” is aimed at international researchers at different career levels, international skilled professionals and information disseminators, as well as German researchers abroad. The initiative highlights the various ways in which they can access Germany as a country of research. It seeks to

  • intensify existing international cooperation and initiate excellence-oriented collaboration with emerging science nations,
  • increase mobility opportunities for (young) international researchers and for German researchers abroad to come to Germany, and
  • to support partnerships between German business and the strongest and most creative R&D centres worldwide.

How does “Research in Germany” support international researchers and science organisations?

“Research in Germany” provides information about Germany as a country of science and research and creates a platform for international exchange. A website, social media and print publications offer in-depth information about funding and career opportunities in Germany, on research and teaching conditions, and support options available to the target group. At fairs and conferences, with delegation tours, workshops and online talks “Research in Germany” creates opportunities for international exchange. Researchers, science managers and research and science organisations from all over the world can get together in order to establish contact with potential German partners in the fields of science, research and industry.