Lise Meitner Excellence Programme

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Max Planck Society


In brief

This programme enables female junior scientists from all over the world with outstanding qualifications to establish their own research group at one of the renowned Max Planck Institutes. A tenure-track option offers long-term employment security and clear career prospects.


Who can apply?

Highly qualified female scientists who

  • have viable and innovative ideas
  • have ideally already had first group leader experience
  • have already acted as independent researchers at an early stage of their scientific careers


Type and extent of funding

Funding and work contract: the work contract is based on the remuneration system for university teachers (W2 position). Each Lise Meitner Group receives its own personnel and materials funding and has access to the infrastructure of the respective Max Planck Institute.



5 years. Subsequently, there is the opportunity to take part in a tenure-track procedure for a permanent (W2) professorship.



Application is only possible in response to an advertisement. Central advertisements are normally published once a year in early spring. All positions are advertised in scientific journals and on their websites.