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In brief

Excellent postdocs can conduct independent research work at a Max Planck institute by establishing their own Max Planck Research Group. Candidates receive their own fixed budget to run their research group, in which PhD students and one postdoc work together on a specific research topic.

Who can apply?

Highly qualified postdocs who

  • have viable and innovative ideas
  • have ideally already had one to two postdoctoral positions
  • are in a position to realise an independent research project

Type and extent of funding

Funding and work contract. The level of funding depends on the respective research area and research focus. It covers funding for staff, materials and operating costs, including the researcher’s own salary (associate professorship – W2 position).


5 years with two possible extensions of up to 2 years each.


Application on advertisement only. Positions at specific institutes are advertised throughout the year. Central
advertisements are normally published once a year. All positions are advertised in scientific journals and on their
websites as well as on the websites of the respective institutes (see links below).

Jobs at the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society focuses on basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. Details of research grants and job vacancies can be found in the central Max Planck Society database or on the websites of the 86 Max Planck Institutes and research facilities.

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