Heisenberg Programme

In brief

Excellent researchers can prepare for a leading position in science and research and spend time working on an advanced research topic at an institution of their choice. The Heisenberg Programme allows applicants to choose between a Heisenberg fellowship, a Heisenberg position, a Heisenberg temporary substitute position for clinicians and a Heisenberg professorship.

Who can apply?

Researchers, e.g. holding mid-level faculty positions, junior research group leaders and professors at an early stage of their careers holding a temporary post who

  • qualify for a professorship by holding a postdoctoral habilitation degree or equivalent qualification
  • have proven themselves by carrying out particularly outstanding research
  • are expected to have the potential to gain further qualifications as university teachers

Further requirements

The research project must be of high academic quality and originality and meet international standards.
Those who choose the Heisenberg professorship must find a German university that agrees to continue funding of the position when DFG funding will expire.

Type and extent of funding

Fellowship of 4,450 euros per month, an allowance for direct project costs and a childcare allowance; employment contract for a position, substitute position for clinicians or professorship with a basic monthly salary based on the pay scale for researchers or professors (depending on the German state, university and the fellow’s status). Flexible research funding as well as travel and foreign allowances may be requested.


Maximum of 5 years.


Applications can be submitted to the DFG at any time. There is a special online application portal for this purpose. You will find information about the application procedure on the programme website (see link below).

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