Philipp Schwartz Initiative

In brief

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative enables universities and research institutions in Germany to host researchers at risk on the basis of a full fellowship.

Who can apply?

Support is available for researchers who are demonstrably at risk from all countries (excluding EU) and

  • have completed a PhD or comparable academic degree
  • are not yet or have not been resident outside their own country for more than five years at the time of application;
  • have the language skills required to successfully conduct their research project
  • can provide proof of their academic qualifications in the form of relevant publications and
  • have the potential to be integrated into the (academic) employment market

Type and extent of funding

Sponsorship covers a fixed-amount fellowship or contractual employment.


24 months, with the possibility of extension by 12 months.


Only academic institutions in Germany are entitled to apply. Researchers interested in the programme should contact eligible host institutions in Germany. Further information on the programme website (see link below).

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