Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association brings together 96 research institutions covering various scientific disciplines. Fostering young talent is of great importance to the Leibniz Association. Leibniz is the first non-university research organisation to have defined career guidelines that offer a framework for working conditions and career development at Leibniz Institutes.

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Jobs at the Leibniz Association

Leibniz Institutes conduct both basic and applied research, often with an interdisciplinary approach. Leibniz Institutes offer jobs individually, and the Leibniz Association additionally advertises its vacancies on its job portal.

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Funding programmes:

Leibniz Graduate Schools and Leibniz ScienceCampi

PhD students will find ideal conditions for completing a doctorate in a structured doctoral programme that can be pursued at either a Leibniz institute or a partner university.

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Individual Doctoral Projects at Leibniz Institutes

PhD students can complete a doctorate while working in an excellent interdisciplinary research environment at a Leibniz institute.

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International Visiting Scholars at Leibniz Institutes

International established researchers can conduct research at a Leibniz institute in Germany that relates to their specific field of interest.

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Leibniz Junior Research Groups

Promising early career researchers are enabled to set up their own research group in the inspiring research environment of a Leibniz institute.

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Leibniz Programme for Women Professors

The programme seeks to significantly increase the number of excellent female researchers in leading positions at Leibniz Association institutions by offering them reliable career prospects.

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