Dual career in Germany

Two researchers in lab

People who set sail for new horizons do not always want to do so alone. Increasingly often, highly qualified couples are looking for new career opportunities together. Many universities and research institutions in Germany support this.

What is a dual career?

A dual-career family is a family in which both partners have careers. A dual career service in Germany offers family-friendly assistance, especially in the fields of education or research. The employer supports the (highly) qualified partners of new employees in finding a job and provides practical help with settling into new surroundings.

Dual career networks at universities

Although by no means all institutions offer a dual career service, their number is steadily increasing: over 40 universities nationwide have joined the Dual Career Network Germany (DCND) and offer highly qualified researcher couples targeted support in their joint career planning. You will find a list of the member universities of the DCND on its website: www.dcnd.org > our-members

Dual career networks – regional cooperations

More and more universities, research institutions and companies are joining together in regional networks that support one another in finding employment for the partners of highly qualified researchers.

In the Rhine-Main region alone, over 30 research organisations are working together in a dual career network (in German) to attract highly qualified couples to the area. They support the partners of newly arrived researchers in their search for suitable career opportunities and other connections in the region. They often help in finding accommodation, schools and childcare facilities as well as dealing with authorities.

Regional dual career networks also exist in the RhinelandBerlin and many other regions. You should find out in advance whether your university or research institution offers this service.

First steps towards a job

What you need to know if your partner is looking for a job in Germany: