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Our webinars provide an insight into the German research landscape, funding opportunities and other subjects. The speakers are experts from various German research institutes.

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Stepping up the pace: the Smart Green Accelerator

It can take several years for a good idea for a sustainable product to become a reality. Start-ups in Freiburg are supported throughout the process.


Advanced Grants from the European Research Council

The European Research Council supports outstanding research projects pursued by young researchers of any nationality. Applications for the Advanced Grants can be submitted until 29 August 2019.

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Green technology

Climate change is now having noticeable effects, and there is increasing awareness that we cannot simply continue as before. Green technology research plays a key role in worldwide efforts to stop the global warming process. You can also read in this edition how a computer scientist is developing data analysis tools, find out about the value of education today, learn about current funding programmes and discover our number of the month.

Newsletter: June 2019
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Number of the Month: 195 million years

That is how old the dinosaur eggs are that were found in China in 2013. Bonn palaeontologist Martin Sander was a member of the team that examined the eggs.

Professor Blossfeld, are educational qualifications worth less these days? 640x360

Professor Blossfeld, are educational qualifications worth less these days?

The number of students in Germany has risen by nearly a million to around 2.8 million in the last ten years alone. What are the consequences for graduates of this inflation in terms of academic qualifications? The sociologist Hans-Peter Blossfeld provides some answers.