Inexhaustible variety of topics

More than 1000 publicly financed research facilities are available to scientists from all over the world.


Promising team work

In Germany, basic research, applied research, and industrial development complement one another better than in any other country in the world.


Home of choice of European research

Germany is home to Europe’s largest research community, with 21% of the EU’s researchers.


Secure funding

Over 56.000 foreign researchers received financial support from German funding organisations and agencies in 2012.

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Rohini Kumar analyses climate data

Research opportunities for international environmental scientists

A hydrologist from India, Rohini Kumar works at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig. He explains why he is keen to carry on researching in Germany.


ERC Consolidator Grants

The Consolidator Grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) support promising researchers wishing to further advance their academic careers. The closing date for applications is 15 February 2018.


Number of the Month: 35

That is the number of European countries from which a team of researchers from Germany and the USA has studied climate data. Their findings were very surprising: though climate change will hardly increase electricity consumption overall, it will do so to a very large extent in individual countries.



Brain stimulation to prevent sleep disorders

Imagine you are dead tired but still find it impossible to fall asleep – this is something that many people around the world experience on a regular basis. To help them, scientists in Dortmund are exploring ways of stimulating the brain.

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Sleep research

We find everything difficult when we do not get enough sleep. If we get up in the morning after a bad night’s sleep, we find it hard to concentrate – which also affects our work, for example. Sleep researchers in Germany are keen to find out why so many people suffer from sleep disorders, and are developing methods that may be able to help them. In this edition you can also read how an Indian hydrologist found himself a home away from home in Germany, learn about current funding programmes and discover our number of the month.

Newsletter: December 2017

Doctoral scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Through its scholarships, the Heinrich Böll Foundation provides funding for doctoral students in all subjects and of all nationalities. The online application portal opens on 22 January and closes on 1 March 2018.