Support for families

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Numerous types of support are available to parents in Germany.

Families need support, which is why all kinds of legal and financial help are available to make life somewhat easier for parents.

The most important assistance provided is child benefit. If you live and work in Germany, you will receive child benefit for each of your children. Currently it is around 200 euros per month.

After the birth of their child, parents can spend up to three years on parental leave. During this time, your job will be safe until you return. Your employer cannot terminate your contract.

If you or your partner wish to look after your child yourself and want to reduce your working hours or stay at home full-time for this purpose, you are entitled to parental allowance for a period of up to 14 months. This amounts to roughly two-thirds of your net income; at least 300 euros and 1,800 euros at the most.

The situation is somewhat different if you are still studying for a doctoral degree. You should contact your local family benefits office to find out if you are entitled to child benefit: (only in German).

If you need child care support, you should contact your local youth welfare office or your university’s family services centre.

Good to know:

  • Each of your children will receive child benefit – roughly 200 euros per month.
  • Parental allowance is paid for up to 14 months.
  • You can opt to take parental leave until your child’s third birthday.

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