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The Max Planck Society (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, MPG) is one of the leading non-university research organisations in Germany. Max Planck Institutes carry out innovative basic research in the natural, biological and social sciences and the humanities. The Max Planck Society offers many interesting opportunities for international researchers and young researchers.

Funding for Graduates and PhD Students

Roughly 3,800 young people are engaged in full-time research on their doctoral thesis at Max Planck Institutes, a third of them as members of an International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS). IMPRSs offer doctoral students a high-quality research environment while also providing intensive support and a strong research network. IMPRSs are jointly managed by Max Planck Institutes and universities, whereby IMPRS students have the choice of receiving their doctorates either from a German university or their university at home.

Moreover, the MPG offers young researchers excellent infrastructure and support in its various institutes and provides financial backing in the form of doctoral research contracts or scholarships. Applications for an individual doctoral project at a Max Planck Institute may be submitted to the relevant institute at any time: list of Max Planck Institutes

PhD Network

Max Planck PhDnet is a network for PhD students that provides information about doing a doctorate at a Max Planck Institute (MPI) and organises soft skills seminars and interdisciplinary research events.

Funding for Postdocs and Junior Researchers

The Max Planck Society offers gifted young scientists and researchers the opportunity to carry out independent research as Head of a Max Planck Research Group. Candidates receive their own fixed budget to run their research programme/research group at a Max Planck Institute.

Max Planck Grants for Advanced Postdoctoral Training give postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and skills at a Max Planck Institute within the scope of their prior professional qualification. Applications must be submitted to the respective institute: list of Max Planck Institutes.

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Jobs at the Max Planck Society

Jobs at the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society focuses on basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. Details of research grants and job vacancies for junior researchers can be found in the central Max Planck Society database or on the websites of the over 80 Max Planck Institutes. > Jobboard Jobs at the Max Planck Society